Pressed open grids

The open grids we manufacture are termed "PRESSED" in order to best represent the type of “node” that constitutes the point at which the bars are joined.

This "exclusive bond" is created by interlocking the cross bars into the bearer bars by applying significant pressure, thereby obtaining a perfect connection that is an essential condition for a compact, even structure, as this is a mechanical machining process.

We distinguish between two types of open grids: SIMPLEX pressed grid and DUPLEX pressed grid. These two products differ in terms of the sizes of the coupled bars: the SIMPLEX open grid is made up of support and joining bars of different cross sections, whereas the DUPLEX open grid is made up of support and joining bars with the same cross section.

Both of these products are manufactured using carbon steel, stainless steel and aluminium alloys. Depending on the materials used, hot galvanising, pickling and electro-polishing, powder coating, and anodising surface treatments are applied.